Longer Projects

Clima (Climate) is an experimental dance film that utilizes repetition of movement and unconventional editing to portray the overwhelming realization of an individual when looking back at their own and all of humanity’s carbon footprint. The blank page placed in the center is a representation of our world untouched. The moment the charcoal hits this page we observe the beginning of our creative expression and the development of our culture as consumers. The filmmaker’s intention is to portray the internal anxiety of understanding our role in causing climate change and the powerlessness we feel in the grand political scheme of this issue. The film was shot in black and white to portray the political extremes and doom behind climate change. Sounds of birds and storms, in contrast to city sounds, also add to the feeling of tension that comes with this subject.
This experimental video is inspired by a favorite childhood puzzle, the fifteen puzzle. In this project Brisueña explored her role as a player by placing herself as the 16th tile. In this exploration of the fifteen puzzle, she felt there is a connection between the fundamentals of physics (such as the laws of motion) and how the game functions. The connection is simple, as a kid when she’d lose herself in the puzzle it felt as if time had disappeared. It felt as if she was God, the arranger of sequences, moving tiles from a state or disorder to a state of order. Humorously, the video starts with the artist as one of the tiles, meaning that the the puzzle found itself in a state of rest (this is because the physicality of the 16th tile won’t permit the other tiles to move). Once she enters the state of nothingness (the void), she becomes the player (God). The middle screen in a reflection of how the fundamental elements of physics and the void join together to create life. Thus, simple things becomes complex when more sequences are developed.