Tarot Video Series

As an artist, Brisueña saw a unique opportunity to deepen her connection with the tarot. She embarked on an ambitious project while at University of California Santa Barbara, which consisted of completing six tarot videos, beginning with the evocative Star card. It was a journey that would see her don many masks, transforming into all the characters of the Fool’s Journey, fusing the tapestry of her personal experiences with the enigmatic tales of the tarot. This fusion of personal narrative and mystic symbolism began to emerge as something truly extraordinary, becoming a full series which depicts all twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana.

In each card, Brisueña intricately wove elements from her own altar and moments in her life, while at the same time transforming into different universal characters. It was within this intricate fusion of self and symbolism that Brisueña delved into syncretism, a complex facet of her identity as a mixed Puerto Rican woman navigating the currents of a globalized world.

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s use of collage and mixed media, specifically this card THE STAR, she set out to do the same but with her own voice and culture intertwined. Like Dalí and countless other artists, filmmakers, and poets Brisueña is revealing her arcana (secrets).